Inspired by a true story, this is the first dramedy on Somali migration in Eastleigh, also known as the little Mogadishu of Nairobi. Bufis in Somali slang means daydreamers, people who constantly think about starting a new life abroad. Assad, is the best scriptwriter of Eastleigh and when the U.S. embassy opens a possibility for a Somali family, he is the one that can make you win the lottery. By putting together a prostitute, a widower and his son, a girl who is running from an arranged marriage and a former warlord, Assad and his team will be able to do much more than winning a new life for a fake family, they will also be able to discover more about themselves and their own dreams.


We have come up with an untold story from Eastleigh thanks to our Somali connections and informers.

A true story that needs to be shared with the rest of the world. Now with the help of professional scriptwriters and storytellers, we are working on writing dramedy on Somali migration like no other!

Our objective is to produce an award-winning feature film for an international audience.

We are in search of co-producers who are interested in putting together a great cast of professional actors and make a substantial investment in order to bring ‘Bufis’ to major cinema screens around the world.

Our ultimate goal is to produce a movie that everybody will want to watch because it will involve love, hope, and dreams.

If you are a producer who is looking for the next big story to tell and a great business opportunity, don’t miss this possibility and get in touch asap.

These are the real stories of our time, forced migrations, hope, love, resilience, humanity.

This is one of the world forefront issues in the US and Europe right now; a political issue that needs to be addressed in different ways and from a different perspective.

This story will offer a unique approach to an ethical issue creating a large discussion on what is right and wrong in relation to migrants rights.


Director: Mahad Ahmed

He Is a Kenyan actor/director and scriptwriter and a co-founder of the Nairobi based collective Somali React.

He earned his Certificate in Film & TV Production from the prestigious African Digital Media Institute and after worked as Director and Editor for RTN TV.

Mahad starred as the main character (Momo) in ”WAZI?FM” the film has won the gold Dhow at the 2015 ZIFF Awards among other awards and has been selected to several international film festival among them the Pan African Film Festival of Los Angeles.

He was part of the cast of the Oscar nominated short film ”Watu Wote” an adaptation of the Mandera Bus Attack incident.

He also worked as assistant director on the set of “There is nothing to do in Nairobi” with the famous Nairobi based collective The Nest leaded by the acclaimed director Jim Chuchu.

Mahad had the chance to work for international recognised directors and productions.

Among his recent works:

Leading actor in WAZI?FM

Assistant director in There is nothing to do in Nairobi

Actor in Watu Wote

Production Company

Cultural Video Production Kenya


People on the ground: Somali React

Somali React Is an informal group of young Somali and Somali-Kenyan artists living and working in Nairobi Eastleigh, the little Mogadishu.

They are involved in this project as storytellers, they know the slang and the secrets of their neighborhood of Somali people, they will be our local fixers, executive producers, casting assistants and much more.

The production team during a co-creation workshop
The production team during a co-creation workshop